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Tips to play safe, eat right, and sleep well for a healthy season — and a healthy life

For proper health, it’s important to eat right, exercise, and practice self-care. Good habits like these are especially important when it comes to the growing mind and body of your young athlete. Their muscles need fuel. Their body needs rest. And their mind needs the calmness and assurance to play with confidence. But when your schedule is full, ensuring that healthy habits are part of your child’s daily routine — and yours — can be a challenge.

At Kaiser Permanente, we know that the sooner your child builds safe and healthy habits, the easier it is for them to sustain their routines and stay as healthy as possible. To encourage the best habits for you and your family, we offer tips, tools, and resources designed to improve your health and well-being. Whether you want details on keeping your child safe as they explore sports, or just a few strategies for healthy eating, meditation, and sleeping well, please read on.


Guidance to help your young athlete play it safe

From what they eat to how much they sleep, each day as a parent finds you making important decisions for your child and family. And when your child is a youth athlete, small, positive daily decisions off the field can promote great health and help them stay in the game of life.

For instance, you probably encourage your child to wear sunscreen, but do you also monitor the air index? Children’s lungs are extra sensitive, so you may need to plan your child’s workouts around air quality. You know the importance of stretching, since the coach has your player do it before practice and games — but did you also know that stretching can promote good sleep as part of a relaxing family evening routine? Kaiser Permanente’s health and wellness encyclopedia offers a variety of helpful ideas to support your family’s health.


Healthy eating advice so your kids perform their best

Choosing what to feed your family each day isn’t always easy. For parents with a child playing youth sports, balancing their schedule and yours can create a time crunch that makes meal decisions even harder. Between carpooling to school, practice, and games, you may find it difficult to provide the healthy meals that they need.

Let Kaiser Permanente help you have kid-friendly, healthy meals ready for your family — whether it’s on the table or on the go. You’ll find a collection of healthy recipes in the Fuel Your Family section at the bottom of this page. You can also click below for even more guidance to help support your child’s healthy eating habits.


Better sleep habits can help your child shine on the field

A good night’s rest is essential for us all, but it’s especially important for the growing brains and bodies of our children. Not sleeping well affects their mood, learning, and behavior. For kids and teens in youth sports, a lack of sleep can affect their physical performance too. Here’s a helpful article from Kaiser Permanente to make sure your kid is rested and ready to play their game at an optimal level.